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منتديات عيون البحرين Add Video Effects To Your Party With Robot VJ

Disk jockeys are so old-fashioned now. The best parties no longer need someone to put on the records. Just plug your phone or MP3 player into the stereo, choose a playlist, and you're ready for the fun. Or you could even just ask Alexa or Google Home to play a particular set of songs.

But what about some video effects too? If you hadn't thought about it, but there's a PC in the room (especially if it's hooked up to a large screen), then here's something fun. Robot VJ listens to the music in the room, via your PC's microphone, and displays some party-like graphics in time with the rhythm of the music. Just fire up the PC, head to the Robot VJ website and choose your options. Then, after a few seconds while the system detects the beat, the display starts.

It's simple, and fun, and a novel use of the web. Is this something you'd actually use for a real party? I guess the jury's out on that one. Read More


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